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Circulate Capital Ocean Fund's First Year Impact and 2030 Projections

After a successful 2020, the CCOF releases its inaugural update on progress and projected outlook for its portfolio of seven companies across Indiaand Indonesia.

Generating returns on investment, as well as creating positive impact on sustainable development, climate, and livelihoods, are at the core of Circulate Capital’s founding ethos. These values guide our investment

decisions, providing the framework to embed environmental, social and governance principles in our investments and inform how we interact with co-investors and other stakeholders.


It is our belief that creating impact at scale requires a holistic strategy that addresses the value chain and broader ecosystem. The CCOF achieves positive financial, environmental, and social impact while catalyzing capital.


Circulate Capital Ocean Fund's First Year Impact and 2030 Projections

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Safeguarding the Plastic Recycling Value Chain: Insights from COVID-19 Impact in South and Southeast Asia, a GA Circular study commissioned by Circulate Capital

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenges faced by the plastics recycling industry in South and Southeast Asia.  Now is the time to act to build a stronger, better industry for the long term and prevent an increase in plastic waste pollution. 

Based on more than 100 interviews, this GA Circular study commissioned by Circulate Capital highlights six key COVID-19 impacts to the recycling value chain in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, along with a three-phase plan to prevent lasting damage to the sector, protect the environment and local communities’ livelihoods.

Circulate Capital Invests to Scale India's Circular Economy for Plastic Waste - Offers Powerful Blueprint to Build Back Stronger

Scaling and transforming India's waste management and recyling value chain with catalytic capital

CCOF’s new portfolio companies are leading waste management and recycling companies that are disrupting the value chain in India.

In concert, this portfolio aims to materially improve the industry by driving scale to address key systemic gaps and pain points within the waste ecosystem, such as fragmentation, lack of traceability and low quality of recycled materials through three key innovation strategies:

  • Scaling upcycling to transform waste into value

  • Scaling digitization

  • Scaling collection and sorting in collaboration with cities

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Our Portfolio's Impact on India

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Our Portfolio's Impact on the Value Chain