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Global regulation and acceleration of ESG…spotlight on innovation investments in the waste industry


In February, the US waste management company Republic Services (RSG) drew attention from the investment industry. Microsoft (MS) founder Bill Gates bought about $117 million (about 150 billion won) of RSG stock through his asset investment company Cascade Investments. Gates is already the largest shareholder of RSG, and the additional purchase brings his stake to 34%.

As interest in eco-friendly businesses is growing due to carbon reduction and the rise of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) management, the growth potential of the waste industry is attracting attention, and investment in waste management companies at home and abroad is increasing.

US venture capital (VC) Circulate Capital is investing in companies related to plastic waste in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In a recent written interview with Economy Shipbuilding, CEO Rob Kaplan emphasized the importance of transforming into a circular economy (an economic model that pursues sustainability through resource conservation and recycling) and said, “There are 10 We will secure an investment of US$1 billion (about 1.296 trillion won),” he said. As an accelerator, Impact Square is active in initial investment in domestic eco-friendly and waste-related startups. Hyeon-myung Do, CEO of Impact Square, who we met on May 6 said, “The existing waste industry is rapidly changing due to global regulations and ESG management trends after Corona 19. It is time for the government to challenge experiments for industrial innovation.”.

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