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Hannah Jones accelerates at Nike; Closed Loop Fund opens new venture

Updated: Oct 28, 2018


By Holly Secon

Welcome to our mid- to late-summer edition of Names in the News, our who’s who of career moves in the clean economy. As we wait for this heat wave to cool down, we’re also seeing plenty of career moves just starting to heat up. It’s almost back to school — and back to work. Let’s take a look.

Who's news

Rob Kaplan

The co-founder and (now former) managing director of the Closed Loop Fund — a new social impact investing fund focused on improving product recycling programs — has spawned an even newer venture called Circulate Capital. Rob Kaplan will head this investment management company that focused specifically on the ocean plastics issue in Asia. After years as director of product sustainability at Walmart and head of corporate responsibility at wine and spirits maker Brown-Forman, Kaplan is keying in on this important (and trendy) problem.

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