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More women in leadership is crucial to climate outcomes

CityWire Asia

Author: Jill Wong

Circulate Capital, whose investments aim to reduce ocean plastic, recently joined the 2X Challenge initiative designed to shift capital towards investments that empower women in developing countries.

Having more women in leadership positions is crucial for ensuring a better outcome in the climate change agenda, Ellen Martin, the Singapore-based chief impact officer at Circulate Capital, told Citywire Asia.

Circulate Capital, an investment management firm that focuses on providing financing for solutions to the plastic pollution and climate change crisis, recently joined the 2X Challenge.

2X is an initiative founded by development finance institutions from the G7, with the aiming of shifting capital towards investments that empower women in developing countries, enabling them to access entrepreneurship and leadership opportunities.

‘The work that we’re doing to prevent ocean plastic and mitigate climate change is core to our definition of impact, and in that solution set, women have a critical role to play,’ Martin said. ‘More than half the people who work in recovering plastic from the environment are women; family businesses in recycling usually have shared decision-making between women and their husbands or fathers.’

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