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The Brief’s Big 10

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

FOMO on opportunity zones, moral revivalists; payoff for girl’s success, the Brest Test, reading up

Impact Alpha

We’re on the lookout for signals here at ImpactAlpha, especially ones missed in the glare of the big headlines. This week’s counterintuitive hashtag might be #Revival. The crush around “opportunity zones” (see Dennis Price’s excellent story, No. 2) is part of a larger uplift already underway. In every city and state and around the world, the early movers are investing in diverse, bottom-up, tech-driven, social-impact makers and hackers and founders. The bandwagon is rolling – can it stay on track?

My column this week took a swing at fusing those New Revivalists with an even more fundamental call for moral revival. Morals are usually out of my journalistic comfort zone, but it’s time to chart a path to what comes next. It would seem such a moral revival, harnessed to that entrepreneurial passion and finance savvy could have a powerful impact. #Revival, anyone?

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