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What Institutional Investors Need to Know to Invest Now in Solutions to Reduce Plastic Pollution

By Rob Kaplan,

We are seeing tremendous opportunity to invest capital in South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) in companies and projects that prevent plastic pollution and improve lives. But, not enough investors are participating in the marketplace.

Scientists estimate that more than half of the 8 million metric tons of plastic that flow into the ocean every year comes from developing countries in South and Southeast Asia where waste management has lagged behind rapid economic growth.

Research, collaborations and commitments are much of what we’ve seen so far when it comes to working on reducing plastic pollution in these regions. What we’ve learned in the process is that long-term solutions are going to require an array of approaches — there is no silver bullet. The trouble is that many of the innovations we need are years away from being proven and deployed at scale and we have an ocean crisis now. The good news is there are some solutions that are ready for deployment today in SSEA, particularly in the recycling and waste management, but until now investors haven’t had the knowledge and resources they need to put their investment dollars to work.

Well, no more — for the first time investors have a handbook for taking action.


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