What role do incubators play in the clean economy?

Updated: Oct 28, 2018


By Rob Kaplan, Founder of Circulate Capital

When it comes to ocean plastic pollution, the challenge is clear: We need to quickly scale up business solutions to support waste and recycling. The construction of strong value chains and waste management systems that support a circular economy is critical.

But in South and Southeast Asia — where this type of intervention is desperately needed — bankable ventures, projects and initiatives are in short supply. While amazing entrepreneurs exist in the waste management sector, many could benefit from experience, knowledge and resources to develop their businesses into investable entities. 

They need to be incubated.

Specifically, they need technical assistance and supportive ecosystems to ensure their success. The good news is that critical incubation programs are rapidly developing.

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We envision a new waste management project led by a local municipality could benefit from the shared knowledge of techniques established elsewhere.