January 25, 2022

I love getting to work with changemakers who are informing the way we all think about catalyzing action and accelerating solutions to recycling’s biggest pain points. That’s why I’m pleased to share this recent conversation with Shannon Bouton, President and CEO of Delterra, an environmental nonprofit where I serve as a Member of the Board of Directors. Delterra and its flagship initiative, Rethinking Recycling, work with communities in the Global South to build inclusive and financially sustainable waste management and recycling solutions. They also partner with consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail corporations to absorb this ethically generated supply of recycled materials on an ongoing basis at a fair price, thus breaking the cycle of insufficient supply and low demand that plagues recycling and its economics. What I like about them is their full system approach coupled with their on-the-ground impact and learning. It is rare to find organizations willing and able to deliver on both the ‘big picture thinking’ and the ‘roll up your sleeves and make it happen’ capabilities.

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