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Circulate Capital Portfolio Spotlight: ACE Green Recycling

October 5, 2022

ACE Green Recycling is a global battery recycling technology platform whose process produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and creates sustainable end-of-life solutions for batteries and a closed-loop supply chain for their critical materials.

ACE’s proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process releases zero Scope 1 emissions, is more cost-efficient with higher recovery yields, eliminates toxic solid and liquid waste generation and has safer working conditions than traditional recycling methods. Additionally, the plastic casings from lead batteries are fully recovered during ACE’s recycling process and are then utilized in the production of new batteries.

Circulate Capital Portfolio Spotlight: Deluxe Recycling

April 4, 2022

Deluxe Recycling Private Limited (Deluxe) is a leading Indian plastic recycling company focused on difficult to recycle multilayer plastics (MLP) such as sachets and Used-Beverage-Cartons (UBC).

​Deluxe uses proprietary technology to transform this traditionally hard-to-recycle plastic into valuable products like pallets and rickshaw seats at a scale not previously seen in India.

​By creating a market for MLP waste, the company expects to divert 34,000 tons of waste from incineration or landfills by 2025, helping pave the way to a circular economy in India.

Circulate Capital Portfolio Spotlight: Prevented Ocean Plastic Southeast Asia

January 10, 2022

Prevented Ocean Plastic Southeast Asia is a pioneering Indonesian plastic waste collection and recycling company that is developing an innovative supply chain model across Indonesia.

A unique partnership between PT Polindo Utama, Bantam Materials Ltd and Circulate Capital, Prevented Ocean Plastic Southeast Asia will set up best-in-class collection and recycling infrastructure to coastal communities across Indonesia that have limited or no collection today, to prevent plastic leakage and support local livelihoods.

Circulate Capital Portfolio Spotlight: Reciki

December 13, 2021

Sidoarjo, Indonesia – Reciki is one of Indonesia’s leading privately-owned waste management companies. Its vision is to achieve a zero-waste-to-landfill ambition through its industry-leading material recovery facilities (MRFs).

Reciki sorts waste collected from household and commercial businesses, and recovers recyclable materials, including plastic, for the recycling value chain.

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Dalmia Polypro

December 10, 2020

Mumbai, India: Dalmia Polypro Industries (Dalmia) is a market-leading, sustainbility-focused plastic recycling company that produces high-quality recycled materials from local PET and Polyolefin waste for reuse in fashion, consumer and industrial packaging applications. 

With a strong focus on innovation and technology, the company is well-positioned to lead the way in the development of food-grade applications in the market. 

Investment announced December 2020.

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Ricron

December 10, 2020

Gujarat, India: Deeya Panel Products (Ricron Panels) converts multi-layer plastic waste into high-quality materials for furniture, building and construction applications.

Through an innovative proprietary process, Ricron offers an alternative to common building materials, such as plywood, by providing quality recycled materials that are high performing, cost-effective and. provide long-term utility to the building and construction industry.

Investment announced December 2020

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Recykal

December 10, 2020

Hyderabad, India: Rapidue Technologies (Recykal), India’s first waste-commerce (w-commerce) company, provides end-to-end digital solutions that connect waste generators, processors, recyclers and brand owners as well as facilitate material flows and transactions across the waste management and recycling value chain.

Their suite of services includes a digital Marketplace, Smart Centre Solutions, and an extended producer responsibility (EPR) management solution, EPR Solutions.

Investment announced December 2020

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Srichakra

December 10, 2020

Hyderabad, India: Srichakra Polyplast (India) Pvt Ltd (Srichakra) is a leading technology-driven plastic recycling company that has pioneered the recycling process to create high quality recycled PET and Polyolefin flakes and granules, helping brand-owners reduce their use of virgin plastic.

The company has achieved many firsts for the industry, from introducing automation to the plastic recycling process in 2010 to the development of one of the first bottle-to-bottle process and production facilities in India.

Investment announced December 2020

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Lucro

December 10, 2020

Mumbai, India: Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited (Lucro) is a homegrown Indian manufacturer that specialises in recycling difficult-to-manage flexible plastic packaging for use in its own manufacturing and for sale as high-quality commodities to other facilities across the country.

Lucro focuses on films and flexible plastic that many others ignore because they believe there is inherent, untapped value that can be realised by turning plastic waste into valuable products.

Their trademark Plast-E-Cycle™ process sets new standards for the industry, as they buy back and recycle flexible plastic from manufacturers, retailers, distributors, scrap aggregators and waste pickers, thereby closing the loop in plastic usage.

Investment announced: April 2020

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: NEPRA

November 18, 2020

Nepra Waste Management Pvt Ltd (Nepra) is India’s largest dry waste management company specialising in the collection, segregation, processing and recycling of municipal dry waste, including plastic.

By combining a people-centric approach, with technology-driven processes and solid infrastructure, Nepra offers an integrated, efficient and scalable waste management solution that connects all stakeholders along the value chain.

As the largest collector and processor of dry waste in India, they supply high-quality sorted recyclables recovered from waste to recyclers and manufacturers for reuse in the circular economy.

Circulate Capital Investment Portfolio Spotlight: Tridi Oasis

April 27, 2020

On April 28, 2020, we proudly announced that the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund invested in Tridi Oasis, an Indonesian, female-led company specialising in recycling PET bottles into rPET flakes, which are used in the production of packaging and textiles

Circulate Capital launches US$106M Ocean Fund

February 12, 2020

Circulate Capital has established the world’s first investment fund dedicated to funding start-ups and SMEs developing waste management and recycling solutions that prevent ocean plastic and advance the circular economy in South and Southeast Asia.