Global plastics treaty will be empty words without policy to spur investment

January 17, 2023

Momentum to tackle the plastic pollution challenge is growing rapidly and has, without doubt, been accelerated following the conclusion of the first official meeting to negotiate the Global Plastics Treaty. While more time is needed to achieve consensus between member states, action is required now. Both public and private sectors need to step up to ensure sufficient capital is provided to scale solutions to the plastic waste crisis.

Drawing on examples from the recently launched “Unlocking the Plastics Circular Economy: Case Studies on Investment” by The Circulate Initiative and Global Plastic Action Partnership, Rob Kaplan shares his thoughts on how policymakers can help to drive investments into the circular economy for plastics.

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Views From The Battlefield: Four Years Of Lessons On Investing To Build A Circular Economy For Plastic

January 17, 2023

With a climate crisis that is only more dire, we are evolving to meet the moment. Today we are laser focused on investing at the nexus of climate-tech and plastic waste.

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A Region Of Extremes: Why Latin America And The Caribbean Is Primed For Solutions In The Plastic Circular Economy

December 7, 2022

Plastic pollution is a unique environmental crisis in that it is a global problem with local solutions. That means if we want to solve it, then we have to implement a multi-regional, multifaceted approach that accounts for the different challenges faced by different parts of the world. We have to drive capital to those local enterprises that can help build the local, regional and ultimately global recycling supply chains needed.

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Photograph of plastic and other waste in the sand of a beach

Why The Plastics Circular Economy Is The Next Greenfield For Climate Investors

November 30, 2022

The conclusion from COP27 is inescapable: it is “all hands-on deck” to fight climate change. Despite our best efforts, the United Nations says we are still careening towards disaster. The financial sector needs to step up.

Until now, investors have, understandably, focused on directing capital towards climate strategies focused largely on renewables. But a singular focus on energy transition alone won’t solve our climate crisis.

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Time for us to move the needle on climate finance

November 23, 2022

After spending two days at the B20 and O20, it’s clear this year’s Group of 20 Summit came at a difficult time, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased nationalism and heightened political tensions. Appropriately themed “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, the underlying message is clear: We must mend our economies, planet and societies at the same time.

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If We Want A Global Treaty To Actually Prevent Plastic Pollution Give Companies And Investors Seats At The Table

September 22, 2022

I get it. If industry has caused so much of the plastic problem, how can we expect them – or even trust them – to be part of the solution? But I believe that if we finally want to achieve a global agreement on plastic pollution that actually ends plastic pollution, we have to give companies and investors seats at the table because public policy is most effective when designed with all stakeholders.

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Asia’s shift to plastic recycling needs more capital

September 9, 2022

Region’s investors have opportunity to impact shift to sustainable economy

Calls for action to tackle the consequences of plastic pollution are growing rapidly, yet the amount of capital mobilized to address the issue has not been sufficient to make a significant dent.

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Latin America Investing: The Sleeping Giant For Turning The Plastic Waste Crisis Into An Opportunity To Fight Climate Change

September 1, 2022

Last month’s blistering new report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was a sobering wake-up call for every human being. Climate change isn’t just real, the challenges are manifest and accelerating faster than most of us could have imagined. I recently wrote about how the issue that I focus on – investing in solutions that combat our global plastic waste crisis – is thoroughly intertwined with the climate crisis. And, just like the climate crisis, the tragedy of the plastic waste crisis is being felt in every corner of the globe.

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Singapore Is Well-Positioned To Play A Leadership Role In Advancing The Circular Economy

August 3, 2022

As the global race to develop sustainable solutions heats up to advance a circular economy, Singapore finds itself with an enviable opportunity to take a leadership role.

As our team has sourced more than 300 investment opportunities and invested more than $40m in solutions to combat plastic waste and advance the circular economy, we believe Singapore has the ideal conditions to catalyze a reconfiguration of global supply chains and become a resilience hub for advanced manufacturing.

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Five Ways Asset Managers Can Drive Better Financial And Impact Performance By Investing With A Gender Lens

June 29, 2022

I am delighted to be co-authoring this column with Ellen Martin, Circulate Capital’s Chief Impact Officer.

In the “real world” application of investing for impact, environmental and social outcomes are inextricably linked. It is only by understanding this fact that innovative investment asset managers can deploy capital to drive multiple positive outcomes at the same time. One such area is the intersection of innovations that address climate change and gender equality.

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Why Family Offices And Private Investors Are The Cornerstones Of Impact Investing’s Most Promising Innovations

June 9, 2022

Plentiful. Flexible. The power and desire to move first. Of all investor groups, family offices and private individual investors, particularly ultra-high net worth (UHNW) are the ones driving impact investing forward and getting behind the innovative strategies we need to solve our biggest environmental and social challenges. Over the past couple of years, we have seen numerous surveys, such as the GIIN’s 2020 report, showing that nearly every investor of this type has already or is considering a shift toward sustainable investments of some kind. In this column I explore why private investors and family offices have quickly moved to the front-lines of impact investing, allocating their capital to an array of solutions that provide a range of financial returns and impact outcomes – and all of which are laying the groundwork for institutional capital to follow. I’ll also share some first-hand anecdotes from my experience interacting with individuals and family offices as part of my day job.

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A Conversation With The Head Of Morgan Stanley’s Global Sustainable Finance Group: Creating A Playbook For Financial Institutions To Advance The Circular Economy And Alleviate Plastic Pollution

April 8, 2022

I often speak of the important role that corporates play in the development of new climate innovations, particularly with respect to devising new solutions to stem the tide of plastic waste. As we make progress towards the creation of a circular economy and work to mitigate the negative effects of plastic pollution, there is another group whose capital and engagement are critical in bringing scale to solutions: financial institutions.

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