Advance Market Commitments: Applying Climate Change Lessons To Fighting Plastic Pollution

May 23, 2023

In this column, Rob Kaplan discusses the concept of Advance Market Commitments (AMCs) and  how they could be a great innovation for the development of a circular economy for plastic waste.

Drawing on the Frontier initiative, an AMC (funded by big multinational corporates) that aims to accelerate the development of carbon removal technologies by guaranteeing future demand for them, Rob delves into how we might be able to accelerate our efforts to curb plastic pollution.

Just like in the carbon removal sector, there’s lots of uncertainty about long-term demand and unproven technologies when it comes to plastic waste. AMCs can send a strong and immediate demand signal without picking winning technologies at the start. In this column, you can learn more about Rob’s perspective on the challenges we are facing today to realize the vision of an AMC for plastics and why taking a key risk like ‘offtake’ off the table through an AMC could help bring in new capital commitments at scale to drive real systems change.
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The Three L’s Of Setting Up An Impact Fund: Location, Location, Location

April 10, 2023

In this column,  Rob Kaplan delves into the importance of location when setting up an impact fund. Looking back at Circulate Capital’s decision to plant its roots in Singapore, he underscores the importance of a supportive impact ecosystem to encourage engagement and support business growth.

Rob specifically calls out how Temasek, the Singaporean state-owned investment company has played a central role in developing the narrative that there does not need to be a trade-off between impact and financial returns. Also, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has set ambitious green finance goals and is seeking to engage family offices on the urgency of climate change and the role they can play to catalyze private sector funding.

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We need to shift investors’ attention to growth of the company from gender of the founder, says Recykal’s Narain

March 4, 2023

Promoting gender equity in the workforce can result in better decision-making and business outcomes, with investors playing a key role in strengthening inclusive practices across their portfolios.

In a recent interview with DealStreetAsia, Ekta Narain, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of shares her journey as a female founder and entrepreneur. She also discusses how companies and investors can shift toward greater gender inclusion, shining the light on Recykal’s Gender Action Plan journey with Circulate Capital.

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Views From The Battlefield: Four Years Of Lessons On Investing To Build A Circular Economy For Plastic

January 17, 2023

With a climate crisis that is only more dire, we are evolving to meet the moment. Today we are laser focused on investing at the nexus of climate-tech and plastic waste.

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Circulate Capital eyes opportunities to tackle plastic waste in Latin America

December 7, 2022

Singapore-based investment fund Circulate Capital has spent the past two years backing projects in South and Southeast Asia focused on tackling the regions’ swelling plastic-waste problem. In a new study, it breaks down the opportunities for creating a plastics circular economy in Latin American and the Caribbean.

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Time for us to move the needle on climate finance

November 23, 2022

After spending two days at the B20 and O20, it’s clear this year’s Group of 20 Summit came at a difficult time, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased nationalism and heightened political tensions. Appropriately themed “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, the underlying message is clear: We must mend our economies, planet and societies at the same time.

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Why Climate Tech Is Getting Broader and Narrower at the Same Time

October 27, 2022

The proliferation of funds and projects at every scale is a feature, not a bug, of a market that will put trillions of dollars into decarbonizing the economy.

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Early-stage sustainable ventures pay off despite ticket size and risks: family office Rumah Group

October 12, 2022

From ocean protection funds to turtle conservation and eco-tourism ventures, Singapore-based single-family office Rumah Group marries personal interests with early-stage impact investing.

Asian Investor

As climate change worsens, implementing ESG is non-negotiable for startups

October 7, 2022

Even as the impact of climate change becomes increasingly apparent across the globe, investment in climate tech is also gaining pace. A number of VC funds and major corporations are pouring money into companies to develop solutions that help solve environmental problems.

Southeast Asia in particular has received great attention considering it is the world’s most vulnerable regions when it comes to the effect of climate change.

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Players old and new find new room to grow in regional waste industry

September 8, 2022

The waste management industry is a well-established one with plenty of incumbents. Yet, with more attention paid to environmental, social and governance (ESG) by both governments, businesses and people alike, new players that are able to differentiate themselves have emerged to take advantage of new opportunities in this field.

Indonesia-based start-up Gringgo, for example, is also looking to improve existing waste collection strategies through data collection and other technological reinforcements.

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Mondelēz claims key progress with latest ESG business practice report

September 6, 2022

The CEO and chairman of Mondelēz International, Dirk Van de Put, has welcomed progress against a range of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals across its business, writes Neill Barston.

According to its latest report evaluating its performance, the business outlined key long-term goals including moving towards net zero emissions by 2050, as well as placing achieving improved standards of living for cocoa farmers as core targets for its global work.

Among additional areas the company’s CEO highlighted, wereJoining the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund.

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Circulate Capital’s Schegg On Reducing Plastic Pollution

August 8, 2022

Circulate Capital Asia MD Regula Schegg discusses the investment case for opportunities across South and Southeast Asia’s plastics value chain. She speaks with Haslinda Amin and Rishaad Salamat on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia”.

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