Circulate Capital Invests in India’s Deluxe to Scale Recycling of Sachets and Multilayer Plastic Waste

April 5, 2022

Circulate Capital, the Singapore-based investment management firm that finances innovations, companies, and infrastructure to prevent ocean plastic and climate change by advancing the circular economy, today announced that the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund (CCOF I) is investing in Deluxe Recycling Private Limited (Deluxe). Deluxe is a leading Indian plastic recycling company that recycles challenging multilayer plastics (MLP), like sachets and Used-Beverage-Cartons (UBC) into new, valuable products, such as pallets and rickshaw seats. By creating a market for MLP waste, the company expects to divert 34,000 tons per annum of waste from incineration or landfills by 2025, helping pave the way to a circular economy in India.

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