Overhead photograph of Ace Green Recycling facility

ACE Green Recycling

USA and Singapore

Investment announced December 2021

ACE Green Recycling is a global battery recycling technology platform whose process produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and creates sustainable end-of-life solutions for batteries and a closed-loop supply chain for their critical materials.

ACE’s proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process releases zero Scope 1 emissions, is more cost-efficient with higher recovery yields, eliminates toxic solid and liquid waste generation and has safer working conditions than traditional recycling methods. Additionally, the plastic casings from lead batteries are fully recovered during ACE’s recycling process and are then utilized in the production of new batteries.

Thanks to Circulate Capital’s investment, the company has expanded its capacity across South and Southeast Asia, having commissioned a new commercial lithium battery recycling facility in India with another facility planned for 2024. Additional recycling facilities are being set up in Thailand, the U.S., Africa and Europe.

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