Photograph of workers hands with processed materials

Tridi Oasis

Tangerang, Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

Successfully Exited / Investment announced April 2020

Tridi Oasis is an Indonesian, female-led company specialising in recycling PET bottles into rPET flakes, which are used in the production of packaging and textiles.

Tridi Oasis is working closely with local and international partners as well as local communities to advance the circular economy, create more sustainable jobs for Indonesians along the waste management value chain and create a positive impact on the environment.

They are also closely collaborating with their network of suppliers on the traceability of the materials they recycle.

The first investment of the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund in 2020, we are proud to have supported Tridi Oasis’ growth and, together, raised the bar in Indonesia’s recycling ecosystem.

In August 2022, Tridi Oasis reached a new milestone as it partnered with ALBA Asia Plastics Recycling Limited – a leading global recycling specialist and environmental services provider, through a Joint Venture, marking Circulate Capital’s first exit.

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