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Mumbai, India

Investment announced April 2020

Lucro Plastecycle Private Limited (Lucro) is a homegrown Indian manufacturer that specialises in recycling difficult-to-manage flexible plastic packaging for use in its own manufacturing and for sale as high-quality commodities to other facilities across the country. 


Lucro focuses on films and flexible plastic that many others ignore because they believe there is inherent, untapped value that can be realised by turning plastic waste into valuable products.


Their trademark Plast-E-Cycle™ process sets new standards for the industry, as they buy back and recycle flexible plastic from manufacturers, retailers, distributors, scrap aggregators and waste pickers, thereby closing the loop in plastic usage.

In February 2021, Lucro and our investor Dow entered into a memorandum of understanding to co-develop a post-consumer recycled polyethylene film solution. This partnership embodies Circulate Capital’s vision of being a value-added investor by bringing the power of relationships to support product development and market access.

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