Elizabeth Dunne

Photograph of Elizabeth Dunne

Creative Director


Elizabeth is Circulate Capital’s Creative Director and in-house graphic designer. She liaises with our social media partners and keeps a keen eye on Circulate Capital’s presence online and in print.

When not creating infographics and our monthly newsletters, Elizabeth can be found in Circulate Capital’s back office, ensuring projects and our team run smoothly.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Elizabeth began her career in Washington, DC in radio. She then moved to London to experience FinTech start-up life and worked with the International Primary Markets Association (IPMA) whilst at Marketpipe. Their leading product, IPMA Match, allowed banks involved in bond issues to share information with each other to avoid duplication.

Elizabeth then moved to Morgan Stanley in London where she was an Analyst in Firm Management. Post ‘the City’, Elizabeth co-founded Scriba, a company focused on cohesive small business graphic design, tone and voice and later Two Desks, a small graphic design agency.

Elizabeth holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Georgia.

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