Jenna Jambeck

Photograph of Jenna Jambeck

Associate Professor, The University of Georgia School of Engineering

Jenna Jambeck, associate professor in the College of Engineering, is internationally recognized for her research on plastic waste in the ocean and for the Marine Debris Tracker app she co-created with fellow faculty member Kyle Johnsen. She notes that being active in research helps bring current environmental engineering issues into the classroom for students. Learn more about Dr. Jambeck’s teaching and research in UGA’s Focus on Faculty.

Jenna holds a Ph.D., M.E., and B.S., in Environmental Engineering Sciences from the University of Florida, Her areas of speciality include environmental engineering, solid and hazardous waste and marine debris.

As founder of the Jambeck Research Group, Jenna has conducted numerous research projects including those related to contaminant fate and transport during waste beneficial use, chemical fate and biological processes within disposal systems, sustainable and innovative waste management practices, marine debris and plastic pollution. As we continue to evolve from waste management to materials management, a new paradigm is being created and the Jambeck Research Group strives to be at the forefront of this transformation.

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