Michael Ang

Compliance Manager


As Compliance Manager, Michael is a dedicated professional passionate about ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and ethical conduct within the financial industry. With a solid educational foundation, he completed the Advanced Certificate and Advanced Diploma from the International Compliance Association. He earned certification as an IBFA (IBF Associate) in Compliance from the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF).

Michael’s journey in compliance began with a unique background as an infantry specialist in the military, where he gained exposure to internal auditing for compliance with military regulations. His desire to pursue a career in compliance led him to transition into the financial industry, where he has worked in the fund management sector since 2012.

As an experienced compliance consultant, Michael has had the privilege of guiding numerous fund managers across a diverse range of financial products, from hedge funds to private equity. His expertise lies in helping these professionals navigate the complex regulatory landscape while enhancing their operations to align seamlessly with regulatory requirements.

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