Circulate Capital Portfolio Spotlight: ACE Green Recycling

October 5, 2022

ACE Green Recycling is a global battery recycling technology platform whose process produces zero greenhouse gas emissions and creates sustainable end-of-life solutions for batteries and a closed-loop supply chain for their critical materials.

ACE’s proprietary hydrometallurgical recycling process releases zero Scope 1 emissions, is more cost-efficient with higher recovery yields, eliminates toxic solid and liquid waste generation and has safer working conditions than traditional recycling methods. Additionally, the plastic casings from lead batteries are fully recovered during ACE’s recycling process and are then utilized in the production of new batteries.

Responsible Sourcing in the Plastic Waste and Recycling Sector: Examples of Inclusive Practices in India

October 1, 2022

As global and regional brands set growing targets to increase recycled plastic content in their packaging, there is increasing scrutiny of not only the quality of the material procured, but also the fair and ethical treatment of informal waste workers.

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If We Want A Global Treaty To Actually Prevent Plastic Pollution Give Companies And Investors Seats At The Table

September 22, 2022

I get it. If industry has caused so much of the plastic problem, how can we expect them – or even trust them – to be part of the solution? But I believe that if we finally want to achieve a global agreement on plastic pollution that actually ends plastic pollution, we have to give companies and investors seats at the table because public policy is most effective when designed with all stakeholders.

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Enable Partnerships Across the Value Chain

September 15, 2022

Lucro Plastecycle and Dow partner to close the loop on India’s flexible plastic packaging.

Our portfolio company Lucro Plastecycle and our investor Dow entered into a memorandum of understanding to co-develop a post-consumer recycled polyethylene film solution.

​This partnership embodies Circulate Capital’s vision of being a value-added investor by bringing the power of our relationships to support product development and market access.

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Asia’s shift to plastic recycling needs more capital

September 9, 2022

Region’s investors have opportunity to impact shift to sustainable economy

Calls for action to tackle the consequences of plastic pollution are growing rapidly, yet the amount of capital mobilized to address the issue has not been sufficient to make a significant dent.

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Players old and new find new room to grow in regional waste industry

September 8, 2022

The waste management industry is a well-established one with plenty of incumbents. Yet, with more attention paid to environmental, social and governance (ESG) by both governments, businesses and people alike, new players that are able to differentiate themselves have emerged to take advantage of new opportunities in this field.

Indonesia-based start-up Gringgo, for example, is also looking to improve existing waste collection strategies through data collection and other technological reinforcements.

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Mondelēz claims key progress with latest ESG business practice report

September 6, 2022

The CEO and chairman of Mondelēz International, Dirk Van de Put, has welcomed progress against a range of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals across its business, writes Neill Barston.

According to its latest report evaluating its performance, the business outlined key long-term goals including moving towards net zero emissions by 2050, as well as placing achieving improved standards of living for cocoa farmers as core targets for its global work.

Among additional areas the company’s CEO highlighted, wereJoining the Circulate Capital Ocean Fund.

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Latin America Investing: The Sleeping Giant For Turning The Plastic Waste Crisis Into An Opportunity To Fight Climate Change

September 1, 2022

Last month’s blistering new report by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was a sobering wake-up call for every human being. Climate change isn’t just real, the challenges are manifest and accelerating faster than most of us could have imagined. I recently wrote about how the issue that I focus on – investing in solutions that combat our global plastic waste crisis – is thoroughly intertwined with the climate crisis. And, just like the climate crisis, the tragedy of the plastic waste crisis is being felt in every corner of the globe.

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Catalyze Future Investment

September 1, 2022

Circulate Capital invested in India’s Recykal in December 2020. Our investment supported the business’ expansion, allowing it to attract larger institutional investors.

In 2022, Recykal raised an additional $22M, including from Morgan Stanley – highlighting our role as a catalyst for future investment.

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Tips for strengthening ESG investing from emerging market fund managers

August 25, 2022

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, investing is dogged by inconsistent, and sometimes conflicting, reporting criteria and ratings that make it difficult to analyze risk and impact at best, and disguise greenwashing (or ignite critics) at worst.

One overlooked source of solutions and advice: fund managers in emerging markets, who are used to grappling with investment data scarcity and an absence of robust reporting standards.

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Build World-Class Operations

August 10, 2022

Our investee Srichakra Polyplast was India’s first company to develop a food-grade, bottle-to-bottle recycling facility that is fully approved by regulators.

Circulate Capital’s investment supported Srichakra in building world-class operations, one of our key impact goals.

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Circulate Capital’s Schegg On Reducing Plastic Pollution

August 8, 2022

Circulate Capital Asia MD Regula Schegg discusses the investment case for opportunities across South and Southeast Asia’s plastics value chain. She speaks with Haslinda Amin and Rishaad Salamat on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia”.

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