A Region Of Extremes: Why Latin America And The Caribbean Is Primed For Solutions In The Plastic Circular Economy

December 7, 2022

Plastic pollution is a unique environmental crisis in that it is a global problem with local solutions. That means if we want to solve it, then we have to implement a multi-regional, multifaceted approach that accounts for the different challenges faced by different parts of the world. We have to drive capital to those local enterprises that can help build the local, regional and ultimately global recycling supply chains needed.

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Photograph of plastic and other waste in the sand of a beach

Circulate Capital eyes opportunities to tackle plastic waste in Latin America

December 7, 2022

Singapore-based investment fund Circulate Capital has spent the past two years backing projects in South and Southeast Asia focused on tackling the regions’ swelling plastic-waste problem. In a new study, it breaks down the opportunities for creating a plastics circular economy in Latin American and the Caribbean.

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Reducing plastic pollution in Latin America: A Handbook for Action

December 6, 2022

Latin America and the Caribbean is primed for solutions that will transform the plastics value chain while preventing pollution and improving livelihoods.

This is the conclusion of a research report conducted by our team on the ground with the guidance of a steering committee including The Coca-Cola Company, Colgate-Palmolive, Danone, Dow, Fundación FEMSA, Mars and PepsiCo.

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Cover page of the report Reducing plastic pollution in Latin America: A HANDBOOK FOR ACTION Circulate Capital Perspective (2022)

Why The Plastics Circular Economy Is The Next Greenfield For Climate Investors

November 30, 2022

The conclusion from COP27 is inescapable: it is “all hands-on deck” to fight climate change. Despite our best efforts, the United Nations says we are still careening towards disaster. The financial sector needs to step up.

Until now, investors have, understandably, focused on directing capital towards climate strategies focused largely on renewables. But a singular focus on energy transition alone won’t solve our climate crisis.

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Time for us to move the needle on climate finance

November 23, 2022

After spending two days at the B20 and O20, it’s clear this year’s Group of 20 Summit came at a difficult time, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased nationalism and heightened political tensions. Appropriately themed “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”, the underlying message is clear: We must mend our economies, planet and societies at the same time.

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Podcast Episode 4: Fostering diversity and inclusion as a leader

October 31, 2022

Gender diversity can spark creativity and innovation, and help businesses seize new opportunities. In Episode 4, Gender Smart speaks to Julie Willoughby, Chief Scientific Officer at Circ, an advanced recycling technology innovator that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made.

Julie discusses the importance of having a female voice at the table and how she has incorporated a gender lens within Circ and her leadership style. Drawing from her own experiences, she also shares her advice for female fundraising leaders.

“By having different perspectives and different creativity in the team, listening to all the voices at the table, you’ll have a more powerful toolbox.” – Julie Willoughby

Podcast Episode 3: Empowering women in the waste management sector with technology

October 31, 2022

Waste management in South and Southeast Asia is dominated by the informal sector and women make up a disproportionate percentage of these workers. To ensure gender equality across the value chain, more must be done to uplift the informal workforce. In Episode 3, Gender Smart speaks to Ekta Narain, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Recykal, an online circular economy marketplace that provides end-to-end digital solutions to connect waste generators, processors, recyclers and brand owners.

Ekta discusses the challenges faced by women in waste management and recycling, how Recykal is seeking to formalize the industry in India to deliver equal opportunities across the supply chain, and shares her advice for businesses advancing gender empowerment. 

“At our (business) level, we should identify areas where women are seeking support and ensure the right platform is created for them to show their skills and talent.” – Ekta Narain

Podcast Episode 2: Why a Gender Lens is key to fighting climate change?

October 31, 2022

Awareness of the intersection between gender and improved business and climate outcomes is growing. As research into the topic deepens our understanding, more corporations and impact investors are embarking on their journey to become gender-smart. In Episode 2, Gender Smart speaks to Suzanne Biegel, Co-Founder of GenderSmart and Founder of Catalyst at Large, a consulting firm that focuses on facilitating gender lens investing. 

Suzanne unpacks the relationship between gender diversity, improved climate resilience and business performance. She also discusses the positive mindset shift she has observed across the full spectrum of capital as well as the practical actions that can be adopted at a fund- and company-level.

“It’s not just about thinking of women as beneficiaries or those who are most affected, but to see women as agents of change.” – Suzanne Biegel

Podcast Episode 1: Why inclusive investing is smart investing

October 31, 2022

There is a clear business case for investing in a waste management and recycling industry that is more inclusive. For Episode 1, Gender Smart speaks to Ellen Martin, Chief Impact Officer at Circulate Capital, an investment management firm that finances solutions to prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans, and advance a carbon neutral circular economy in high-growth markets. “It became clear, as we started to identify the opportunity for Circulate Capital to invest in the waste management space that women had to be part of it.” — Ellen Martin.

Why Climate Tech Is Getting Broader and Narrower at the Same Time

October 27, 2022

The proliferation of funds and projects at every scale is a feature, not a bug, of a market that will put trillions of dollars into decarbonizing the economy.

Bloomberg Green

Early-stage sustainable ventures pay off despite ticket size and risks: family office Rumah Group

October 12, 2022

From ocean protection funds to turtle conservation and eco-tourism ventures, Singapore-based single-family office Rumah Group marries personal interests with early-stage impact investing.

Asian Investor

As climate change worsens, implementing ESG is non-negotiable for startups

October 7, 2022

Even as the impact of climate change becomes increasingly apparent across the globe, investment in climate tech is also gaining pace. A number of VC funds and major corporations are pouring money into companies to develop solutions that help solve environmental problems.

Southeast Asia in particular has received great attention considering it is the world’s most vulnerable regions when it comes to the effect of climate change.

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