Global plastics treaty will be empty words without policy to spur investment

January 17, 2023

Momentum to tackle the plastic pollution challenge is growing rapidly and has, without doubt, been accelerated following the conclusion of the first official meeting to negotiate the Global Plastics Treaty. While more time is needed to achieve consensus between member states, action is required now. Both public and private sectors need to step up to ensure sufficient capital is provided to scale solutions to the plastic waste crisis.

Drawing on examples from the recently launched “Unlocking the Plastics Circular Economy: Case Studies on Investment” by The Circulate Initiative and Global Plastic Action Partnership, Rob Kaplan shares his thoughts on how policymakers can help to drive investments into the circular economy for plastics.

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Views From The Battlefield: Four Years Of Lessons On Investing To Build A Circular Economy For Plastic

January 17, 2023

With a climate crisis that is only more dire, we are evolving to meet the moment. Today we are laser focused on investing at the nexus of climate-tech and plastic waste.

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