The Ocean Plastic Crisis Needs An Intervention – Three Ways Investors Can Get Us Back On Track

Forbes, 13 October 2020

While it has been clear for months that COVID-19 has set back the fight to combat plastic waste, we did not have a clear idea about where the value chain was strained until now: with the recent publication of Safeguarding the Plastic Recycling Value Chain: Insights from COVID-19 impact in South and Southeast Asia,” a white paper by GA Circular and in collaboration with my company, we can now identify which areas of the value chain have been most impacted and we can develop actionable plans to course correct.

We’ve learned that the abrupt stoppage of the value chain, driven by COVID lockdowns, has led to more plastics entering landfills and likely more plastics entering the open environment and waterways, as there have been less formal and informal collectors engaged in plastic collection. Circular economy initiatives and commitments by industry and national-level marine plastic prevention programs, especially those in South and Southeast Asia, rely on recycling value chains to collect, clean and process the plastics for recycling.

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