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We must stop choking the ocean with plastic waste. Here’s how

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

By Jim Fitterling, CEO, Dow Chemical Company

The ocean can’t take any more. For centuries we have dumped our unwanted waste into the seas, creating a crisis that threatens not only marine life, but everything that depends on the seas. And despite our technological prowess, humans have so far been unable or unwilling to stem the tide of pollution entering our ocean.

This global problem demands a global solution; one that brings together the best technology, the most effective resources and, importantly, the most dedicated and influential partners to launch an innovative recovery plan.

Based on the concept of the circular economy, Dow supports a collaborative model in order to attract the institutional investment needed to scale integrated, profitable and sustainable recycling and waste management projects that not only provide a solution to marine debris, but also offer an attractive financial return to investors.


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