Experts in waste and recycling investments and operations in South and Southeast Asia

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Circulate Capital is an impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing innovation, companies, and infrastructure that prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world's ocean while advancing the circular economy.

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Circulate Capital is a Singapore headquartered VCFM licensed investment management firm.


The Circulate Capital Ocean Fund, the firm’s flagship fund, is the world’s first investment fund dedicated to preventing ocean plastic in South and Southeast Asia. The Circulate Capital Disrupt Fund is a new climate tech fund that captures opportunities at the nexus of climate innovation and circular plastics.


Portfolio Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Manager, Climate Lead


Circulate Capital seeks an experienced ESG Manager to apply and maintain the proper application of its Environmental and Social Investment Policy as well as manage the firm’s impact framework. 

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Our Mission: Identify, incubate and invest

We identify, incubate, and invest in opportunities designed to intercept ocean plastics at the source by collecting, sorting, processing, and recycling waste in South and Southeast Asian countries known to contribute significantly to ocean plastic. As a result, waste is diverted from the environment into the recycling value chain, furthering the circular economy.  

Our goal is to remove access to capital as a barrier to the development of waste management and recycling infrastructure and to support innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics.

We are actively creating a workplace where authentic communication, collaboration and inclusion enable people to become their best selves both personally and professionally while having a career with purpose and impact. Circulate Capital is an Equal Opportunity Employer.