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The Circulate Initiative

End ocean plastic pollution and build thriving, inclusive economies

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To help achieve the broader mission of addressing the ocean plastic crisis through education, support and finance of innovations in waste management and incubation of investable businesses that can bring those innovations to market, Circulate Capital supported the establishment of The Circulate Initiative, a mission-aligned non-profit organization that incubates, measures and amplifies inclusive waste management and recycling solutions that stop plastic waste from flowing into the ocean while promoting equity and economic prosperity. TCI is a U.S. registered 503(c)(3) organization.


The Approach

Backed by philanthropic, government and corporate partners, The Circulate Initiative will provide entrepreneurs, policy makers, and investors with the knowledge and skills they need to incentivize, create, support, and sustainably fund and operate plastic waste-reducing, inclusive, circular economies.  We will do this in three ways:

  • Incubate: Increase the number and quality of innovators in the waste and recycling sector and create the conditions they need to succeed through The Incubation Network (TIN), developed in partnership with SecondMuse. 

  • Measure: Develop open source metrics for all investors to track environmental and social impacts.

  • Amplify:  Share success stories and impacts of entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations to encourage replication and scaling.

+ Learn more about The Circulate Initiative

+ Learn more about The Incubation Network

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